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10/06/2021 14:27

Celine, who currently lives in London, graduated from La Cordon Bleu Wine & Gastronomy Management, obtaining the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) diploma, passionate about wine and food, is an expert researcher in food anthropology as well as writer and critic food and wine.

Rosso di Montalcino DOC is a red wine from Tuscany, Italy, made from the region's most famous Sangiovese.
Sangiovese, a red grape variety, has a strong flavor of red fruits and a high acidity, reminiscent of that of tomatoes and raspberries. Due to the acidity, Sangiovese has a high alcohol content and is full-bodied while maintaining a slight transparency to the eye.

Compared to other great Tuscan wines, Rosso di Montalcino has a shorter maturation time, therefore it is not suitable for long periods of aging and refinement in the bottle, it can be considered a younger version of Brunello di Montalcino as if it were its forerunner.
In general it can be combined with a rich variety of foods. From vegetables and spices to beef and lamb. At the same time it is also suitable for pairing spicy foods. Great with Chinese food.

Analyzing La Magia 2018, an initial closure is noted, with well perceptible acidity and tannins. After the bottle has been open for 30 minutes, you will appreciate the scent of sour cherries and sour tomatoes with some hints of dry spices, the smell of barrel is not, however, evident.

Consequently, I thought it appropriate to close the bottle and store it at room temperature. When I opened it the next day, the tannins were soft as velvet and the aromas of star anise, tobacco and coffee were strong. Therefore, when drinking at home, I recommend pouring it into a decanter at least half an hour before drinking.

Some Chinese dishes are very suitable for pairing with Sangiovese:
- Beef
- Any dish with tomato sauce and tomato flavor
- where there are spices, such as star anise and five spices

1. Tomato stewed beef cutlets
An adapted version of the tomato braised sirloin, using a whole beef cutlet instead of the sirloin.
Ginger, garlic, onion, bay leaf, star anise and cooking wine, soy sauce, light soy sauce and two large tomatoes, beef ribs simmered for two hours, the meat and soup are delicious. It goes perfectly with this bottle of wine.

2. Three cups of tofu
To create the second pairing, I decided to prepare three toppings in three different bowls. I used spices and basil grown directly on my balcony at home; I paired them with fried tofu, the wine was in perfect balance.
Of course, these condiments could have been used for chicken and beef with the same excellent result.