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Chef: Will Chan
Featuring: Dairy


- 6slices white bread

- 320g fresh milk
- 60g coconut milk
- 20g condensed milk
- 45g cornstarch
- 4g granulated sugar
- 5g salt


1. Sieve the cornstarch, add sugar, salt and pour in 100g milk

2. Stir until dry ingredients are well diluted in the milk

3. Pour in the remaining fresh milk, coconut milk and condensed milk and stir well

4. Keep stirring over low heat for about two minutes and when the liquid gradually thickens turn off the fire

5. Turn off heat and keep stirring until smooth then pour all into cling paper

6. Let it cool in freezer for 2-3 hours

7. Cut the white bread into squares

8. Take out the fresh milk “cake” from the refrigerator and cut it into strips

9. Wrap pieces of the milk cake in bread squares wrap and deep fry them in oil at 180° until golden brown



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