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Cuisine: Hainan
Chef: Allen Ren
Featuring: Meat


- 1 Wenchang chicken

- 50g morels (Morchella) mushrooms
- 50g pleurotus eryngii mushrooms
- 50g macro lepiota albuminosa fungus
- 50g beech mushroom
- 50g dried onion
- 10g Welsh onion
- 50g garlic
- 50g ginger
- Frying oil

- A little quantity Black truffle sauce
- 5g black truffle
- 10g oyster sauce
- 5g sugar
- 5g light soy sauce
- 5g dark soy sauce


1. Debone the Wenchang chicken

2. Cut all the mushrooms in pieces

3. Place the cut mushrooms in oil, add the black truffle and stir fry all together

4. Once cooked, fill the chicken with it

5. Seal the chicken belly and neck with bamboo skewers

6. Put oil in a fire pot, place the chicken and cook on a low heat until ready

7. When ready remove and put in a service plate

8. Put back the pot over a medium heat, add truffles sauce to the chicken cooking juice and thicken it

9. Pour the sauce on the chicken and serve



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