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Wine: Red
Region: Puglia
Vintage: 2015


Light over-maturation of the grapes. Intense ruby red colour with garnet highlights. The bouquet has aroma of tiny red fruits and spices.The taste is soft and harmonic with ripe tannins in a rich and well-structured body.

Colour: Intense ruby red colour with garnet highlights.
Aroma: Tiny red fruits and spices.
Taste: Soft and harmonic with ripe tannins in a rich and well-structured body.

Alcohol: 14%

Grape: 100% Negroamaro.

Ageing: 1 year in barrel.


Conti Zecca winery in Puglia has a five century history made up of passion, tradition and innovation that have brought it to become one of the most important wine producers of Puglia and Italy. Today the heirs carry on the family tradition devoting themselves to the same philosophy: from the selection of the ideal environment and clones to the planting of vineyard, from the choice of ideal agronomic techniques and ideal grape harvesting time to vinification and bottling, for the production of high quality wines, considered among the best wines of Puglia.


Wine pairing notes

Some see this Southern Italian red wine as reminiscent of an Amarone, in terms of aroma: ripe small red fruits such blueberries, and prunes, mocha and spices. These fragrances make Liranu a good match for this dish. Its good concentration, its velvety tannins well integrated into its powerful structure stands up to the bold seasoning of the knuckle. The elegant ripe fruits in the mouth and its lingering enhance the juicy and flavourful pork meat.

Wine pairing notes

The sublime sweetness of this dish's fat combined with the over-ripe Liranu is a tribute to the beauty of this pairing. The tender and juicy pork belly finds a new dimension of life by meeting the tannicity of this southern Italian wine.

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