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Wine: Sparkling
Region: Piemonte
Winery: CUVAGE
Denomination: Alta Langa DOCG
Vintage: 2015


This elegant Traditional Method from the southern mountain area of Langhe displays beautiful aromas of bread crust, lemon zest and fresh honey.

Deep lemon with golden highlights revealing a very fine and persistent perlage.
Aroma: Classic aromas of bread crust as well as a mineral note that hints at flint. As the wine acclimates to the glass, emerge notes of yellow fruit, currant, delicate wisteria, and slightly roasted hazelnuts.
Taste: Crisp, savory, structured and fresh.

Alcohol: 12%

Grapes: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay

Ageing: 36 months on the yeasts.


Cuvage was founded in 2011 in Acqui Terme, in the province of Alessandria, an area renowned worldwide for Italian sparkling wine. Cuvée and Perlage are the two key terms in the production of sparkling wine; from their union comes Cuvage. Proud of its Piedmontese origins, Cuvage uses native grape varieties, such as Nebbiolo and Cortese, along with classic international grape varieties. Cuvage was established to enhance a unique terroir and promote the area of origin of high-quality Italian sparkling wines.


Wine pairing notes

Dish of a great aromatic complexity. One bite and you taste the various layers. The chef has “potentiated” the Japanese shichimi togarashi, with its hints of chili, sesame seed, seaweed and dried tangerine peel, with some extra chili, pepper salt powder (shichimi traditionally doesn’t contain salt) and deep fried garlic and coriander seed. The freshness of the Alta Langa DOCG Brut cushions the effect of the spices on the tongue and helps to clean the mouth. In addition, its crispiness and very good structure enhances the texture and the sea flavour of the deep-fried abalone.

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