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Wine: Red
Region: Piemonte
Denomination: Barolo DOCG


This Barolo DOCG is an iconic wine from the Piemonte region. It is characterized by high tannins and red fruit character and long lasting spicy finish. This wine has long ageing potential. 

Colour: Pale ruby colour.
Aroma: Red fruits character, with a menthol aroma and coffee bean hints.
Taste: Full-bodied wine, with firm tannins and long lasting finish.

Alcohol: 14.5%

Grape: Nebbiolo

Ageing: 24 months barrel ageing .


The quest of the brothers Bruno and Marcello Ceretto was to select vineyards in the most valuable positions historically. This idea came about during a trip to Burgundy, and would prove the family’s insight and see their Barolo and Barbaresco wines among the most popular in the world. A revolution at the time, for a territory in which the concept of cru was totally unknown, but, above all, a brilliant idea. 

The most difficult challenge the brothers faced was convincing their father who, as was typical at the time, purchased grapes for the wines he vinified. "You are undertaking a difficult journey, the land has never made anybody rich," he warned, but Bruno and Marcello were convinced about the potential of the land and stubbornly replied, "We believe in the land 100%, the winery is obviously important, but great wines are made with great grapes." And so, they began dreaming of labels bearing the name of the vineyard and also its image: "so whoever drinks that wine can see the vineyard from which it has originated. The vineyard is history, the names of the hills remain, unchanged over time, enhancing the quality and credibility of the wines produced here."


Wine pairing notes

The high firm tannins of this Barolo DOCG perfectly match with the fatty sensation of the beef. The spicy finish of the wine combines with the black pepper of the dish, giving to the mouth an explosion of spices and a long lasting aroma feeling.
The wine has long ageing potential, so it could be interesting to let it age for 10-20 years until pairing it with the Shangai-style Black Pepper Beef. It will develop strong forest floor and leather aromas that will greatly combine with the beef.

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